Managers Setup

The Manager code is a required field in the edit farm section, and this is a user defined code.  A phone number and manager type can be defined, but manager type is informational only.  There are many reports and other program sections using the manager code.



To add a new manager, click on the add button; this will add a new row in the grid for entry.  Input the manager code, manager name, phone number, and manager type then click save.

You do have the option to delete a manager, however, you cannot delete a manager if it is currently tied to any farms.  When you click the delete button, one of two things will happen.  One, you’ll get a message asking if you are sure you want to delete the manager from the database – choose delete or don’t delete.  Two, you’ll get a message that says the record cannot be deleted because it is being used.  You can either click OK on this window or click show details.  The show details button will give you a list of the database tables that the manager exists in.  If you still would like to delete the manager, you will need to unlink the manager from all farms listed in the show details tables.  If you would like assistance with this process, please give us a call at 605-791-4872.


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