Master Data Codes Setup

For each Master Data Code area, click on the green plus “Add” toolbar button to add a new row.  This will add a row to the bottom of the list.  To edit an existing row, simply click in the desired row/column and make your edits.  Once you’ve entered all information be sure to click the Save button.  Don’t worry if you forget to save – the program will prompt you before moving off that row.  All codes are user defined unless stated otherwise.



Account Type
Account Type is used to identify the type of trust, such as “Personal Trust” and “Guardianship”.

Class Type
Class types allow grouping of GL Accounts, and an alternative reporting structure. There are no standard reports based on class types.  Association of a class type and GL Account is done in the Master Chart of Accounts section, Chart of Accounts sub tab.

The field/lot code specifies the field or lot used for crops and other aspects of a farm.  An FSA number (Federal Service Account) and a legal description can be provided for informational purposes.

Group Type
Group types are the second tier of group classifications for groups with different owners encompassing many farms.  The group type code is not required.  This code is used in the Edit Farm section and the Daily Balance Journal by Group report.

Insurance Type
The insurance type is used in the edit farm insurance section describing any type of recurring item for the farm.  For example: liability insurance, building insurance, or crop insurance could be used.

Inventory Location Code
The inventory location code is used to describe the location of inventory and production locations.  This code is required for entering inventory and production.

Investment Authority Type
Investment authority type indicates how much investment a management firm is allowed to make on behalf of an owner.

Lease Type
The lease type identifies the type of lease an operator/tenant has with a farm.  For example: cash rent, share crop, or building rental.

Office Code
Identifies the office associated with an owner.

Operating Unit Code
The operating unit code is an informational field.

Outside Manager Code
The outside manager code identifies farm managers outside of the firm’s organization.

Owner Group Code
Creating an Owner Group allows a set of farms to be grouped together for reporting purposes.  The code is used in the edit farm for individual farms, the Daily Balance Journal by Owner Group report, and Statement Definition.

Property Type
Property type indicates a farm’s property types.  Examples are: crop land, grazing land, farm buildings, or feedlot.  The property type field is located in the edit farm land tab.

Relationship Manager Code
The relationship manager is the trust officer responsible for the farm owner’s trust.

Territory Code
Territory code describes a territory of a farm.  It is used in the edit farm section, but is strictly informational.  Examples are Mid-West, West, and Great Lakes.


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