Password Policy

AgWare allows master admins to configure a password policy for user’s passwords.  Currently, MGR offers five options, all of which are optional.


  1. Number of minimum characters: defines the minimum amount of characters a password must contain.
  2. Number of minimum required character types:  defines how many unique character types are required in the password.  Character types are: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters such as !, ?, $.  AgWare MGR supports one to four character types.
  3. Number of days until password expires:  defines how many days from the last password change until the password expires.  If you do not want the password to expire, set the value to zero.
  4. Password can’t match last # passwords: means that the user’s new password can’t match any of the last “X” number of passwords, where “X” is the number that is defined on this setup screen.  If you do not want to compare the new password to a previous password, set the value to zero.
  5. Number of allowed failed logins:  defines how many failed logins the user is allowed before the software sets their user account to locked.  When locked, the master administrator would have to reset the password.  AgWare MGR supports one through ninety-nine failed login attempts.

Note: When a user’s password is within seven days of expiring, a warning page will appear when AgWare MGR is first opened.  The user can then click the change password button directly on the warning page to change their password, or use the Change Password menu item under the Options menu.

Enforcement of the Password Policy is done at a per user level in the Maintain User Accounts setup section.

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