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AgWare offers the ability to configure a company image to affix to reports and statements.  To configure your image, go to the Setup section of the program and choose Firm Data.  Simply click the load image button, browse to your company image, select it, and click open on the Windows dialog box.  AgWare only supports adding a .png image or .jpg image.  Once the Windows dialog closes, you should see your company image in the image box.


Once your company image is setup, it will be automatically affixed to all reports, with the exception of checks and taxes.  However, the report image can be hidden for any report.  To hide the company image on a report, you’ll go to the report tab of that report section, click the Print Options button and choose Hide Image under the Company Image section.  The program will remember your selection, so if you would like to turn it back on at a later date, simply click the Show Image button under Print Options.


AgWare defaults the company image placement to the upper left hand corner of the reports.  Its default height is two lines high and the width will adjust proportionally to the height.  If you need your company image placed in a different location on the report, you can create an image placeholder.  To do so, click on the design report button and choose edit report.  If this is a system report, you will first need to choose to copy the report, give it a unique user defined name, and then the report will open up to the designer.




Next, you’ll click the picture object button on the object toolbar on the left side of the designer.  Then, draw the image on the report by clicking and dragging the mouse.  Don’t worry if you didn’t get the size exactly right – you can resize the image placeholder after initially dropped.  After the image placeholder is on the screen, choose the select tool on the object toolbar and click on the image placeholder to select it.  In the bottom left of the designer, you’ll see the Object Properties list – scroll down to the “Name” property, click in the right column, erase what is currently there, and type “CompanyImage” with no space and no quotes.  When affixing the company image, the program specifically looks for the image placeholder called CompanyImage, so it is crucial to set the name correctly.  If you would like to manually adjust the size and position of the image placeholder, you can do so by setting the object’s left, top, height, and width properties (highlighted in image below) in the object properties section.  Otherwise, you can select the image placeholder, drag it around to reposition it and drag the corners/edges to resize it.  Once you have the image placeholder in the correct position click save and close on the report.


Now that the image placeholder is setup, click on the print options, show image button to load your saved company image into the placeholder on the report.



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