Farm Security Groups

Farm Security Groups are an additional method of controlling a user’s access to data in AgWare MGR by defining the farms a user has access to.

Administrators can setup Farm Security Groups in the Setup, User Configuration, Farm Security Groups section of the program.


To create a new Farm Security Group, click on the “Add New” button at the top of the screen.  This will enable the group code and group name fields for data entry.  The group code is a user defined unique code; the group name should also be unique.


Next, select the desired farms in the left grid that you would like to add to this Farm Security Group, and click on the add arrow button.  You should see the farm transfer from the left grid to the right grid, and then hit save.  If you need to add multiple farms at a time, simply hold down the shift (selects consecutive rows) or control key (one row at a time) on your keyboard while clicking.


To remove a farm from a farm security group, select it in the right grid and click on the remove button.  You should see the farm transfer from the right grid to the left grid.

A few notes about Farm Security Groups:

  • One or more Farm Security Groups can be assigned to a user.
  • One or more farms can be added to a Farm Security Group.
  • Farms can be added to more than one Farm Security Group.
  • Farms do not need to be assigned to a Farm Security Group.
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