Maintain User Accounts

Similar to other sections throughout MGR, you can use the drop down selector at the top of the screen to switch between users.  To add a new user, click on the new user button.  This will enable all fields for editing.


There are four main section on the Maintain User Accounts setup screen.



Section 1: User Information


The username is user defined and is unique.  This will be the login username for AgWare MGR.  The first name and last name fields are required while the middle initial is recommended.  MGR uses the first letter of the user’s first name, middle initial, and last name to form the batch id.  The lock account checkbox allows administrators to lock user’s accounts.  When checked, the user will not be able to login to MGR.  Common reasons for locking a user’s account include: no longer employed, or other interoffice issues.

Section 2: Password


The first checkbox is enforce password policy; when checked this will apply the password policy to the selected user.  The password policy is configured in the Setup, User Configuration section of the program.  The next checkbox defines whether the user must change their password at the next login.  When checked, the next time the user logins in to MGR, they will be prompted to change their password.  The box will then automatically uncheck once the user has changed their password.  The next checkbox allows administrators to reset the user’s password.  When checked, two fields will appear: temporary password and confirm temporary password.  The password in each field must match exactly.  The password policy is not enforced on temporary passwords.  AgWare recommends requiring the user to change their password at next login for situations where a temporary password has been set.

Section 3: Farm Security Groups


Click on the add button to add a farm security group to the selected user.  This will pop up the farm security group selector (shown below); check the desired farm security groups and click OK.  You should then see the farm security group(s) in the list on the Maintain User Accounts screen.  To remove a farm security group from a user, select it in the grid and click on the remove button.  When a farm security group is attached to a user’s account, the user will only be able to access farms within their farm security groups.



Section 4: Permissions


Permissions control what sections and actions the user has access to.  Each tab in the permissions section correlates to each of the main MGR program sections, and each sub-item on the tab correlates to the sub-sections found on each main program section.  The Master Admin checkbox applies all permissions to the selected user.  If the users is not a Master Admin, simply check the permissions on each tab that the user should have and hit save.  If the Permissions are updated or changed that user will have to sign off and back in for the permissions to take effect.

The options menu contains items that help simplify the permissions setup.


  1. Set All Permissions: checks all permissions on all tabs for the selected user.
  2. Clear All Permissions: unchecks all permissions on all tabs for the selected user.
  3. Set All Permissions On Current Tab: checks all permissions on the current tab for the selected user.
  4. Clear All Permissions On Current Tab: unchecks all permissions on the current tab for the selected user.
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