Banking Setup

Adding a New Bank

To add a bank to your database click on the Add New Bank button near the top of the screen.  This will enable all banking fields for editing.

First you’ll want to enter the bank code.  This is a user defined code, so it can be any combination of alpha or numeric characters, as long as it is unique (don’t worry, the program will double check the uniqueness for you).  AgWare does recommend keeping a consistent coding system in place for database integrity.  Next enter the bank name, routing number, and federal reserve number.  The bank routing number must be nine digits long and pass a validity test.    Next enter the address information in the appropriate fields.  Then click save.  Now that you have your bank added, you can add an account for that bank.


Adding a New Account

Adding a bank account is required to print checks for a farm.  To add a new account to a bank, click on the add account button under the bank information.  This will add an account record.  You will need to enter a unique account code, and account name.  Then, you’ll enter the account number.  The farm field is a drop down of all available farms; choose the relevant farm associated with that bank, leave the farm blank if more than one farm is associated to the account.  Then you’ll enter the GL Account for the bank account – this is a required field.  The type field has three options in the drop down – checking, money market, or savings – choose the appropriate option for the account.  The last three fields in the account record are informational reconciliation fields and need to be entered/adjusted in the reconciliation window.  You can add as many accounts to a bank as needed.



Editing/Viewing Banks

To view/edit a bank, click on the drop down at the top of the section.  This will show you a list of all banks in the database.  This drop down also filters as you type so if you know the name or code of the bank you are wanting to view, simply type it in the respective field of the drop down and the list will filter as you type.

Once you’ve selected a bank all available data will appear in the respective fields below (as well as the associated accounts).  You can easily edit the bank information by simply clicking in the desired field, changing the data, and clicking the save button.

Editing/Viewing Accounts

When you select a bank, all associated accounts will appear in the account section. You can edit any of the information (other than reconciliation) as needed.  You can also delete an account if is not being used by a farm.

Attaching a Farm to a Bank Account

The attach farms button to the right of the delete account button allows you to add multiple farms to one bank account at a time.  You’ll first want to select the desired account, and then click on the attach farms button.  This will bring up a pop up window showing all farms that are currently not attached to this bank account.  You’ll see the bank account number, bank account name, and account type at the top of the window.  Simply check the farms you’d like to add to the bank account and click OK.



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