Update Access Database Driver

AgWare MGR requires the 32 bit, Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010. If you are running an Access version newer than 2007, you will need to install the updated Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable. It is possible that even with a newer version of Access, you may need to update your Access driver as the program requires at least version 14. This is specific to each computer, so each user will need to verify they are on the correct driver version.

If you would like to check your current Access driver version, you can go to the help menu in the program and click about AgWare MGR. This will pop up the about window which contains the current access driver version.

Before starting the update process (if necessary), close MGR completely. Then, visit the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable download page. This will open in a new browser window. Once the page loads, click the orange download button.

This will pop up a small window prompting you to choose between the 32 bit and 64 bit database engine. Make sure to choose the 32 bit option, and click next.

This will then begin the download. Once downloaded, you will need to click on the AccessDatabaseEngine.exe file to run the EXE and install the updated database driver. It will launch an install wizard; leave all default options as is and continue through the wizard until you get to the last step and click the finish button.

Once finished you can follow the steps outlined above to double check your new Access driver version.

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