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Starting with MGR version 2.0.1, AgWare has implemented database changes to the underlying Access database for MGR.  These database updates require users to run scripts against their database with a tool, MGR Database Maintenance, provided by AgWare.

When you first launch MGR, if the database needs to be updated you will see the following message on the login screen:

To launch the database update tool, simply press F8 on your keyboard when the error message is present.  This will open a new window – the MGR Database Maintenance tool (shown below).

The top part of the window shows you what database you are currently connected to, the database size, current database version, version date, and the company name.  The second half is a grid that displays all of the database updates.  The first time you run this tool, you should see Ready in the status column for each database update.  If you don’t see Ready next to each row, please give us a call at 605-791-4872 for assistance.

To run the database updates, simply click the Run Database Updates button in the middle of the window.  AgWare recommends always leaving the “Backup Database” option checked (it is checked by default) as this will create a backup of the current database.  Depending on the size of your database, it may take a couple of minutes to backup the database and apply all database updates; you should see a progress window (shown below) as it is working.


Once the updates have completed, the progress window will go away and you should see “Done” in the status column for each row.  If you see “failed” in the status column of any row, please give us a call at 605-791-4872 for assistance.


Once the database is up to date, you can close the MGR Database Maintenance tool and relaunch AgWare MGR.  You should now be able to successfully login as normal.

*Note: If your company database is on a shared or network drive, only one person needs to run the database updates.

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