Farm Reminders

There are three types of reminders used throughout the AgMGR program: Transaction Reminders, Auto Reminders, and Memo Reminders.  
Transaction Reminders are user created events that contain transaction data.  When adding a new transaction reminder, the program allows you to pre-configure transaction details.  This is useful when using the Process Reminders wizard to create transactions based on the reminder event.  Transaction reminders can be created for both disbursements and receipts.
Auto Reminders are events created by the program at run time based on the various dates throughout the AgMGR program.  For instance, on the Land tab of the Edit Farms section there are a number of different dates for the farm.  One of the dates is the real estate tax due date field.  If there is a date entered in this field, there will automatically be a reminder on the Calendar tab of Edit Farms for that upcoming due date.  If there is a cycle code entered for the real estate tax due field, then the future occurrences will also be shown on the Calendar tab.  Once the user processes the auto reminder through the Process Reminders wizard, the date on the land tab will update to the new date.  The following is a list of all dates used to create auto reminders and where they can be found:
There will be an auto reminder event for each operator that is set up on the farm as well as each insurance record.
Memo Reminders are user created events that are text reminders.  They do not contain any transaction data, and when processed they are simply marked as done.
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