Clone a Farm

The clone existing farm feature can be found by clicking the add new farm button in the Farms, Edit Farms section of MGR.

Once the add new farm screen is displayed, there will be a “Clone Existing Farm” tab at the top. When clicked, it will load all of the clone options.

First, start by choosing the farm you would like to clone in the clone farm drop down selector. Next, enter the desired new farm code. It needs to be a unique code fifteen characters or less in length. Then, enter the desired new farm name. When cloning a farm, these are the only required fields; the program will automatically copy the manager code, ownership type, primary farm (if the clone farm is not a primary farm), trust farm, enterprise list, account list, and designated accounts.

AgWare also offers the ability to copy the owners, bank accounts, and fee accounts. These options are checked by default.

Once the new farm is created, any information can be changed

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