Adding a New Farm

To add and setup a new farm, follow the outlined steps below.

     1.  Open the Farms section of the program.
     2.  Click on the edit farm section.
     3.  Click on the add farm button.

     4.  Once the add new farm screen loads,
a. Enter the farm code, farm name, manager, and ownership type in the farm information group.
b. Select the desired enterprises to be attached to the farm on creation.  AgWare recommends at least selecting the “00” enterprise as it contains the cash account.
c. If this farm is a subfarm and you have setup the master designated accounts, you can check the box to indicate it is a subfarm and choose the desired primary farm from the dropdown.  Then choose the trust farm (usually the firm farm).
     5.  Click save.

     6.  Continue entering the farm information on the farm tab and save.
     7.  Click on the Contacts tab and enter all owners and operators for the farm on their appropriate subtabs – add contacts for each as needed. Save changes.
     8.  Click on the Accounts tab
               a.  Add appropriate enterprises to the farm on the enterprise subtab. Be sure to enter your general enterprise accounts.
               b.  Ensure the correct accounts were added by clicking on the chart of accounts subtab and reviewing those accounts. Add additional accounts as needed.
               c.  Move to the designated accounts subtab and set the correct accounts.
               d.  Add bank accounts to the farm by clicking on the bank accounts subtab and clicking add. Select the correct account for this farm, and add any additional
                    banks to the farm. Please note each Farm may only have one of each account type. Save all changes.

     9.  Click on the management tab and fill out all applicable information. Save changes.
    10. Click on the land tab and fill out all pertinent information. Save changes.
    11.  Click on the insurance tab and add all insurance policies associated with the farm. Save changes.
    12.  If you already have farm communication(s) that you need to enter, you can do that on the communications tab, otherwise, skip to step 13.
    13.  Click on the custom tab and fill out any relevant information.
    14.  Now that the farm setup is complete, you could run a report such as farms and their owners, farms and their operators, etc. to ensure that the farm information looks

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