Management Tab

The management tab contains the various management information for the farm as well as the fee accounts.  The statement copies and statement memo fields are used in the statements section of the program, while the statement cycle is informational and allows you to choose farms in the reports section based on that cycle.  Statement copies allows you to set the number of statement copies for the farm.  Then, when you run the statement report you’ll see the number of copies for the farm that was input here.  The statement memo field is available to print on the statement report either at the beginning or end of your report, however, you will need to create a custom statement report as this field is not included on the system reports.

The management auto-fee is configured in the GL Accounts tab, Chart of Accounts sub tab. The firm fee farm and account is where the firm’s fee income will be credited, and the client expense account is where the farm’s fee expense will be charged (debited). The vendor chosen will be used on the generated fee transactions.  If you need to add a vendor to the database for this farm, click on the green plus sign to the right of the vendor field. You can also edit/view the selected vendor’s information by clicking on the pencil button to the right of the vendor field.  If you need to search for a vendor by something other than name or code, you can use the find button to the right of the pencil button; this will pop up a Find window.  You can then search for a vendor by state, address, or any other means.  You can then double click on the vendor’s row to open the view/edit window for that vendor.  A vendor in red text indicates that vendor is marked inactive.

Once all relevant information is entered on the Management tab, click the save button and move to the next tab: Land.

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