Land Tab

The land tab of the farm section contains general information about the land such as total acres, inspections, appraisal information, market value history, and a land acreage table.


Corn Suitability Rating (CSR) is an index procedure developed in Iowa to rate each different kind of soil for its potential row-crop productivity. The CSR can be used to rate soil potential yield production against another over a period of time.

The market value history table provides storage of market valuations of a farm and the dates of each valuation. To add a new market value history record, click the green add button. This will add a new row for editing. Enter the market value, start date, and through date then click save. You can add multiple market value history records per farm.

The land acreage table shows enterprises and the acres associated with them.  To add a new enterprise and acreage, click the green add button. This will add a new row for editing.  Use the enterprise drop down to select the enterprise, then enter the acreage and description.  Use the production year toggle to move to other production years.

Once all relevant information is entered on the Land tab, click the save button and move to the next tab: Insurance.

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