Insurance Tab

The insurance tab of the farm section is where you’ll enter all insurance policies the farm has such as building insurance, crop insurance, and liability insurance.

To add a new insurance record, click on the green plus sign above the grid. You’ll see that a new record was added to the list. Simply choose the correct insurance type from the drop down options (these can be edited in the setup section of the program), enter the due date of the policy, the cycle, and the insurance agent. The insurance agent drop down contains a list of all contacts – if you need to add a new contact for the insurance agent that can be done in the contacts setup section of the program.  Next, enter the carrier name, representative name, policy number, coverage amount, and any notes pertaining to the insurance record.  You can add as many insurance policies on the farm as needed.

You can also delete an insurance policy by highlighting the desired row and clicking on the delete button. You will see a confirmation dialog box asking if you are sure you want to delete the record – choose the appropriate option.

Once all relevant information is entered on the Insurance tab, click the save button and move to the Communications tab.

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