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The Generate E-File Data section will assist you in submitting your 1099 information into the IRS FIRE (Filing Information Returns Electronically) system. If you have previously submitted through the FIRE system, you will simply fill out all information and click generate. If you have not used the FIRE system before, you must submit an application to receive a Transmitter Control Code (TCC).  Once you have your TCC you can fill in the form (shown below), and AgWare MGR will generate the .txt file needed; you will then need to upload the .txt file into the FIRE system.   The review tab will show you a preview of the generated .TXT file.



To use this form, first choose whether you are generating your INT or MISC form by checking the appropriate Tax Form box.  If you would like to generate both tax forms in the same .txt file so that you only have to submit one file to the IRS FIRE system, simply check both the 1099 INT and 1099 MISC boxes.  Next, enter in all the line items and click the generate button on the toolbar.  If you have a special circumstance, three check boxes are provided to assist you.  Only use the check boxes for special purposes.  Here is an explanation of each:

1.  Test File:  Check this box if you would like to test your data.  The IRS will process the file normally, but will NOT update IRS records.  They will send you a test report to say if it processed properly or not.  AgWare runs these tests before we release for each year, but this option is here if needed.

2.  Correction: Check this box if you need to create a correction file to correct an issue.  This is only needed if the original file was accepted and a correction was still needed.

The IRSTAX File is the location on your computer where your file has been saved.  You will then need to submit that .txt file to the IRS FIRE system online.  If your .txt file contains both your INT and MISC information, your IRSTAX file will be named COMBINED_IRSTAX, otherwise it will contain the name of the generated form.

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