Generate New Inventory Items

The Generate New Inventory Items section can be found in the Yearly Tasks, Year End Close section.  It allows users to create new inventory and production items for a production year by copying the records from the previous production year.

The first step is to choose a production year from the drop down.  This is the production year that contains existing inventory and/or production records that you would like to copy.  Next, check the box next to generate inventory items or generate production items.  You can generate both the production and inventory records at the same time by checking both boxes.  Then, choose the desired farms you would like to generate items for.  Last, click the generate button.  You will then see a text list of the farms, and the amount of items created for each appear in the New Items Created section.


The generate new inventory items copies over the following fields from the previous inventory record: inventory code, inventory location, enterprise, description, owner %, and beginning unit value.  It also rolls the production year forward by one.  For example, if you chose 2016 on the generate new inventory items screen it would create a production year of 2017 on the new inventory record.

After generating new inventory items, you can add additional items by going to the Farms, Edit Farm, Inventory tab.  You can also delete any unwanted records.

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