Paper Filing Forms

The paper filing forms tax section will assist you in creating the required reports needed to print on the paper 1096 and 1099 A filing forms.  If you file your 1099 INT and 1099 MISC records electronically using the IRS FIRE system, you do not need to go through the process of creating the paper filing forms.

The paper filing forms section contains three tabs: the criteria screen, the data tab, and the reports tab.  The first step is to complete the information on the criteria screen.  You’ll first choose whether you are generating the forms for all tax records or just the corrected tax records.   You’ll then fill out the submission information fields.  You can then click on the data tab to review the generated information, or click on the view report button to go directly to a report.

Next, you’ll click on the reports tab.  Here we have two reports: INT 1096 and Copy A and the MISC 1096 and Copy A.  The first page of each report will be the 1096 form for the following Copy A records.  You will not see any grid lines or other text printed on the forms, as you must print the reports on the IRS forms.  You should be able to find the IRS forms at your local office supply store.

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