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On the farm tab of the edit farm section, you will edit/enter the main information about a farm starting with the general farm information. You’ll notice that some fields have drop down selectors and only accept items contained in that drop down. Most of the drop down items can be added/edited in the setup section of the program.

Marking a farm as inactive will hide the farm from all farm drop downs and selectors throughout the MGR program (however, you can use the active and inactive check boxes to filter the main farm selector at the top of all edit farm tabs).  The change code button is only enabled when there are no pending changes waiting to be saved. If you change the farm code, it will update on any transactions, reports, banking, etc. You should only change the farm code when absolutely necessary.

Enter (or select) the four-digit year in which the farm fiscal year ends. If you select January for the first month and 2014 for the year, the fiscal year will span from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014. If you select any other month for the first month and 2014 for the year, the fiscal year will span from the first day of the selected month 2013 to the last day of the month before the selected month of the entered year. For example, if the fiscal year is 2014 and the first month is June, the fiscal year will span from June 01, 2013 to May 31, 2014.

When entering the email address, you’ll notice that it turns into a blue hyperlink. If you double click on the email address, it will open a new email message using your default email application.

Once all relevant information is entered on the farm tab, click the save button and move to the next tab: Contacts.

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