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The edit farm section allows you to edit all the information about the selected farm such as ownership, operators, management, GL accounts, communications, etc. When you click on the edit farm section, the default tab is the farm tab and it will open to the last selected farm. You can change the selected farm by choosing the desired farm from the drop down on the top of the screen. The selected farm will remain chosen for all tabs of the edit farm section.

Edit farm is also where you will enter a new farm. To the right of the farm selector at the top of the window, you will see an add new farm button. When you click on this button, you will see the new farm window appear. You will be required to enter the farm code (this is non-editable once saved and must be unique – fifteen character max), farm name (thirty character max), manager, and ownership type. Once you have all four fields entered, click save.

This will then take you to the farm tab of the edit farm section so you can enter additional details about the farm. The tabs are meant to be filled out from left to right, and you will need to click save on each tab before moving to the next.

*Important Note: You will need to create a farm for the firm.  This will be used in auto-fee transactions.  It can also be used for designated accounts on other farms, interest, etc.

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