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Before you print your first check, give us a call at 605-791-4872 and we will help you convert your old check formats to AgWare’s format!  Then any changes you need to make will be easy going forward.

Printing Checks is set up in a wizard process.  Let’s start with the first step, which is selecting the checks you want to print.  When you begin step one you will see a grid with all Available Checks (number one below).  If you have preprinted checks, you can only print from one bank account at a time, but you can select as many checks associated with that account as you would like.  For MICR check printing, you can print from multiple bank accounts at a time.  To organize your checks by account number, click on the Bank Account Number column header (circled in green below).  This will sort all the accounts in order by bank account number.  Next, you will choose a check date (number two below).  For check dates there are two options: 1) use the transaction date, or 2) use a specified date that you will be prompted to enter.  Next, you’ll choose your check numbering option (number three below).  There are three ways to do this:  1) Auto-Number by account:  This will automatically pull the next check number associated with this bank account from the database.  2)  Use Transaction Check #:  This will use the check number that was entered in the edit transaction window when generating the transaction, and  3) Use a Specified Starting Check #:  This will allow you to enter a starting check number for the selected checks.  Option three for check numbering will not be available if you are printing MICR checks.  Last, you will choose your check format (number four below).  As noted above please call us so we can help you setup your check format.





Once you have completed these four items click continue.  The second step in the wizard is an informational step.  It will show you what bank accounts have checks being printed on the top half, and the bottom half shows which farms have a negative balance, if any.  If you are printing checks from multiple bank accounts, you must check the “I am printing MICR checks” check box before being able to continue.  It is located in between the two sections and is printed in blue text.


The third step in the wizard is a preview of the printed checks. To see how many checks you have and to view them, click the yellow arrow, shown in the blue circle below. It is showing that we are on page 1 of 2, and if you click the arrow it will move you to the next check page.    If you are satisfied with the look of your checks you can click print (circled in orange in the image below).  A print dialog box will appear for you to choose your printer location.  If you would like to change the check format, select the down arrow in the red oval.  The check formats will be listed and you can choose a different option by clicking on it.  Choosing Design Report in the green circle will give you a list of design options.  If you choose edit report it will take you to our Fast Reports design area.  Click here to learn more about the design options.  (Note: you can only edit custom reports.  If you need to edit a system report you will first need to make a copy of it.)  Once you have printed your checks click on the continue button.


The fourth step of the wizard is your check printing confirmation page.  There are three options to choose:

  1. Yes, they all printed correctly:  means all my checks printed correctly, take me to the next step.
  2. Some checks need reprinting (select the last correctly printed check below): means some of my checks printed, but then they jammed or the printing was off and they need to be reprinted.  Select the last correctly printed check number from the drop down. This will populate the box below with a list of all bank accounts that had that check number (see image below); choose the account that belongs to that last correctly printed check.  The next check and those following it will then be put back in the available checks grid on step one of the wizard.  The check(s) that printed properly before the first bad check will be removed from the available checks grid.
  3. No, keep all checks in the Available Checks list:  means all printed checks will remain in the available checks grid on step one of the wizard.

Once you select the appropriate option click continue.



Once you choose continue, you will either be taken to the final step of the wizard, or back to step one based on your printing confirmation choice.  If you chose all checks printed correctly you will be taken to the Check Voucher Detail Report.  This report shows what was included on each check you printed.  We also have a report that will only show those checks that included multiple transactions.  You can print this report by choosing the print button on the tool bar.  You can also generate this report in the report section of the program.  Once you have completed this step click on the done button, and it will take you back to step one.


Note: Farm Security Groups are not implemented in the Print Checks section of AgWare MGR.

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