Reconcile is the fifth item in the Transactions section of AgWare MGR.  If you have past transactions and are using Reconcile for the first time see the notes at the bottom of this section for setup information.

The first step to the reconciliation process is to enter your name in the name of person reconciling field.  The program will remember the name entered so that you won’t have to enter it every time you reconcile.  You can, however, change it as needed.  Next, select an account to be reconciled.  You can choose any account – checking, money market, or savings.  Once the account is selected, the bank name is displayed to the right of the selector.  You will also see a “Bank Account Information” table appear near the bottom once the bank account is selected.  This will show you the last and previous dates you reconciled and the ending balances of those reconciliations.  Item three in step one, contains two entry fields – the statement ending date and statement ending balance.  Once you have completed all items on step one, click the continue button on the toolbar.


The second step of the reconciliation process is to check the cleared disbursements and cleared receipts for the account chosen in step one.  You will also see the bank account name, bank name, and statement ending date displayed at the top of step two (blue rectangle).  There are two grids in this step – disbursements on the left and receipts on the right.  MGR automatically sorts the grids by date, with the oldest at the top and the newest at the bottom unless you have the grouping (orange rectangle) turned on in which case it will sort by group number.  Simply check the box in the cleared column (green rectangle), to mark the item as cleared.  As you check items as cleared, you will notice that the summary grid updates (purple rectangle).  You will see the type count increase as well as the dollar amount for the type.  You won’t be able to continue to step three until the difference between the cleared amount and statement ending balance is zero.  If you need to adjust the statement ending balance, click on the pencil button (red rectangle) to the right of the number; this will enable the field for editing.


If you need to save your progress on the second step and finish at a later time, simply click on the “Save Reconciliation to Finish Later” button on the toolbar.  You will then see a message that your current session was saved.  At the bottom of this section we will review how to restart a saved session.  AgWare only allows one session to be saved, so if there is an existing saved session it will be overwritten when you save the current session.


When you continue to the third step of the wizard, you will see the reconciliation report.  It will show you a summary of the balances, as well as a break down of all cleared disbursements and cleared receipts.  You can print the report or export it to a PDF.  Once you have printed or saved your report, click done.  Once you click done, all reconciliation values will be written to the database and the wizard will start back at step one.



Initial Reconciliation Setup:

If this is the first time ever that you are using reconciliation and you have past unreconciled transactions, you will need to run the Initial Reconciliation Setup tool.  This is found in the Setup, Admin Tools section of the program; it marks all  transactions as reconciled prior to the date entered.  When you click on the Initial Reconciliation Setup left menu option,  enter the desired date to reconcile to on the right and click update database.  You will then see an informational message that will show you how many transactions were marked as reconciled.  Once the update is finished, you will see a message that says “Update is Complete”.




Restore a Saved Reconciliation:

To continue with a previously saved reconciliation, click on the “Restore Saved Reconciliation” toolbar button on the first step.  This will load all saved data from the first and second steps including any items marked as cleared.


Change Posted Transaction’s Reconcile Status:

To change a posted transaction’s reconcile status, go to the Manage Batches, Posted Batches tab, expand the desired batch, and highlight the desired transaction.  Next, click on the Maintain Transaction toolbar button to open the maintain utility.  The very last option in this utility allows you to change the reconcile status – choose one of the three options: do not change current value, set all (root and offset/auto transactions) reconciled, or set all (root and offset/auto transactions) not reconciled.  Click save to save your changes.


Note: Farm Security Groups are not implemented in the Reconcile section of AgWare MGR.

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