Installing the Software

To install AgWare MGR,

– Download the most recent version from the downloads page

– When prompted by your web browser “Run” or “Open” the program. Different browsers will present this message in different locations with varying text. In Internet Explorer 11 the message will appear at the bottom of the window.

– You may need to confirm your option to let the installer run. If you see a security warning, confirm that the Publisher lists AgWare, Inc. before clicking Run.

– On the initial screen of the installer, read and agree to the license agreement, then click “Install”

When the installer first begins, the following screen may pause for up to 30 seconds. During this time a system restore point is being created on your computer for backup purposes.

– Depending on your computers security setting and User Account Control you may be prompted to type an administrator password before continuing.

– The install will then copy all of the needed files to your computer. You will see one final screen letting you know the install is finished.

– To launch AgWare MGR you can use the desktop icon that was created as part of the install or you can search for “MGR” on the Start Button (Windows 7 or older) or the Start Screen (Windows 8)


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