Custom Reports with Fast Reports

AgWare MGR is using a tool called Fast Reports for the printed reports. This tool allows end users to build their own reports in a designer. This process can be quite detailed. If this process if more than you want to handle on your own please call AgWare at 605.791.4872. For simple changes we can help you make the change. For more complex custom reports we can arrange to build the report for you. Once the report is finished we will provide you a file to add to your system that makes the report available.


If you are familiar with banded report generators such as Crystal Reports you can jump right in. On any of our report screens, choose the “Design Report” menu item. You can make a copy of the current report to customize or you can start with a new blank report.


This will open the report in Design mode and allow you to make changes to the layout of the report.


Fast Reports provides a help file for the end user designer. You can download a PDF version of the Fast Reports Documentation.


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