MGR Version 4.3

Version: AgWare MGR Version 4.3 – Release NotesRelease Date: November 22, 2022Download Link: Download Now New Features

MGR Version 4.2.1

Version: AgWare MGR Version 4.2.1 – Release NotesRelease Date: October 26, 2022Download Link: Download Now New Features Added the ability to move a transaction to a new batch or an … Read more

MGR Version 4.2

Requirements Database version 647 (read instructions for updating the database) Resolved Issues Setup, Contacts: increased the length of the following fields to 75 characters – name, payee name, primary address … Read more

MGR Version 4.1.1

Resolved Issues Reports: when exporting to RTF, we now hide the company image at export to eliminate exceptions related to the company image Reports: when exporting to Excel, we now … Read more

MGR Version 4.0.6

Resolved Issues Add New Farm: the default tab is now Create New Farm. Add New Farm: fixed an access violation when creating a new farm. Clone Farm: fixed a bug … Read more

MGR Version 4.0.5

Resolved Issues Farms, Edit Farms, Farm Tab: fixed a bug in the farm overview report (accessed from the view report button on the toolbar) that was not pulling in all … Read more

MGR Version 4.0.4

Resolved Issues Transaction Entry: no longer exception when you clear a vendor in group mode and hit tab. Clone A Farm: now correctly copy the account’s fee percentage from the … Read more

MGR Version 4.0.2

Resolved Issues Transactions, Unposted Batches: fixed the error message when trying to post a batch that contains at least one farm outside of your farm security group(s). New Farm Database: … Read more

MGR Version 4.0

Important: Installing this version will break the ability to log in to AccuFarm.¬†Only install this update if are ready to use AgWare MGR exclusively. Requirements Database version 644 (read instructions … Read more

MGR Version 3.4.8

Resolved Issues Farms, Inactive: now correctly error if the user is trying to mark a farm inactive and there are unposted or posted transactions on the farm in the current … Read more