Transaction Attachments

The MGR software provides the ability to attach files to each transaction group in the Transactions, Manage Transactions, Edit Transactions section of the program. Attachments in the Transaction Editor When … Read more

MGR Version 4.4

Version: AgWare MGR Version 4.4 – Release NotesRelease Date: January 18, 2023Download Link: Download Now New Features Fixes/Corrections

MGR Version 4.3

Version: AgWare MGR Version 4.3 – Release NotesRelease Date: November 22, 2022Download Link: Download Now New Features

MGR Version 4.2.1

Version: AgWare MGR Version 4.2.1 – Release NotesRelease Date: October 26, 2022Download Link: Download Now New Features Added the ability to move a transaction to a new batch or an … Read more

MGR Version 4.2

Requirements Database version 647 (read instructions for updating the database) Resolved Issues Setup, Contacts: increased the length of the following fields to 75 characters – name, payee name, primary address … Read more

MGR Version 4.1.1

Resolved Issues Reports: when exporting to RTF, we now hide the company image at export to eliminate exceptions related to the company image Reports: when exporting to Excel, we now … Read more

MGR Version 4.0.6

Resolved Issues Add New Farm: the default tab is now Create New Farm. Add New Farm: fixed an access violation when creating a new farm. Clone Farm: fixed a bug … Read more

MGR Version 4.0.5

Resolved Issues Farms, Edit Farms, Farm Tab: fixed a bug in the farm overview report (accessed from the view report button on the toolbar) that was not pulling in all … Read more

MGR Version 4.0.4

Resolved Issues Transaction Entry: no longer exception when you clear a vendor in group mode and hit tab. Clone A Farm: now correctly copy the account’s fee percentage from the … Read more