MGR Version 3.4.3

Resolved Issues

  • Transactions, Manage Transactions, Transaction Entry: Fixed a bug that would allow the program to get into a mid group state when adding a second transaction to a group, but before saving, the first transaction was double clicked to modify.
  • Transactions, Process Reminders Wizard: The cancel button was not available from the edit auto reminders grid.
  • Transactions, Process Reminders Wizard: If filtered by farm and the closed button was pressed, it selected everything, not just the filtered records.
  • Transactions, Process Reminders Wizard: Both check and create could be checked for the transaction reminders.
  • Farms, Add New Farm: Added an error if the farm code was greater than fifteen characters instead of letting the program exception.
  • Farms, Edit Farms, Contacts: Added a warning if the owner’s participation percentage does not equal 100.
  • Farms, Edit Farms, Calendar Tab: The date range text label caption was showing ‘<Set in Code>’.
  • Setup, Maintain User Accounts: Removed the duplicate role type for the reminders report section.
  • Yearly Tasks, Taxes: Updated the 1099 INT forms for the 2019 tax year.
  • Yearly Tasks, Taxes: Updated the 1099 MISC forms for the 2019 tax year.
  • Yearly Tasks, Taxes, Generate 1099’s: During the generation, if the payer or recipient federal ID is invalid an error is now generated.
  • Yearly Tasks, Taxes, Generate E-File: If you enter a hyphen in the Transmitter Tax ID, there is no longer an exception; the hyphen is simply removed.

New Features

  • Yearly Tasks, Taxes: Added the 1099 DIV throughout the tax section.
  • Yearly Tasks, Year End Close Wizard: Added a check box to create the land acreage rows for the new year.
  • The program now requires Microsoft Access Driver Version 14. See the Update Access Database Driver help article for more information.