MGR Version 3.3.5


Resolved Issues

  • Reports, Farm Overview Report: updated the statement memo field to a rich text field.
  • Reports, Management Fee Report: fixed a rounding issue in the fees earned calculation.
  • Reports, Management Fee Report: if a farm has a minimum fee, we now correctly calculate the fees earned taking into account that minimum fee.
  • Transactions: completely reworked the back end of transactions.
  • Taxes, Generate E-file Data: fixed a bug that incorrectly left the amount code blank on two step corrections.
  • Taxes, 1099 Reports: updated all reports for the 2018 tax year.
  • Taxes, 1099 Reports: suppress the blank address two line.
  • Taxes, Paper Filing Forms: if one of the criteria fields was left blank, the parameter name printed on the report.
  • Taxes: fixed a bug throughout taxes that would not recognize the data entered in the last field.

New Features

  • Reports, Daily Balance Journal: added a simple daily balance journal report with no grouping.
  • Farms, Land Tab: added a land acreage table for tracking acreage by enterprise and production year.
  • Farms, Insurance Tab: added the view report button to access the reports directly.