MGR Version 3.3.1

Version: AgWare Version 3.3.1 – Release Notes
Release Date: March 28, 2018
Required Database Version: 632*
*Instructions for updating the database can be found here.
Download Link: Download Now

New Features

  • Added a Budget tab to the Farms, Edit Farm section for tracking the farm’s budget.
  • Added a Budget Reports section, including two system reports: Monthly Budget and Quarterly Budget.
  • Added a Generate New Budget section to Yearly Tasks.
  • Added a Management Fee Report, including two system reports: Management Fee Report and Management Fee Report by Manager.
  • Updated the Statement Memo field to a Rich Text Editor.
  • Added two new Print Value types to the statement setup line items.
  • Added a new “quick add” feature to the statement setup for attaching GL accounts to line items.
  • Added the budget numbers to the statements section.
  • Added additional statement system reports to the Statements by Farm section to compare actual vs. budgeted numbers: Actual vs. Budget, Period Actual vs. Period Budget, and YTD Actual vs. YTD Budget.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an error when the login warnings screen was shown on start up and the user moved to a different section of the program.
  • Optimized the Add Accounts pop up in the edit transactions section as well as the farm, accounts, chart of accounts tab.
  • Taxes, Generate 1099 INT: No longer stop on the ownership percentage does not equal 100 error.
  • Statements, Statement Setup: cached the GL account selector pop up so that it is faster.
  • Statements, Statement Reports by Farm: Removed the filter on the report that was excluding accounts if they had a zero period print value or YTD print value.
  • Add New Farm: if the enterprise that the master designated account uses is not included in the user’s enterprise selection when creating a new farm, the program will automatically include it to be added to the farm on creation.