MGR Version 3.2.0

Version: AgWare MGR Version 3.2.0 – Release Notes
Release Date: November 8, 2017
Required Database Version:
Instructions for updating the database can be found here.
Download Link: Download Now

New Features

  • Added the ability to print 1096 and 1099 Copy A forms for paper filings.
  • Added a closed date to the Edit Farms, Farms tab.
  • Added the ability to reverse the sign of line items in the statement setup section.
  • Added a location selector to the Inventory Report.
  • Added the inventory reports directly to the Farm, Inventory tab.
  • Added the owner/vendor addresses to the farm overview report section.

Resolved Issues

  • Edit Group Transactions: make the group total values wrap so that they are visible on small monitors as well.
  • Edit Transactions: removed the operating unit/field section from transactions.
  • Reconciliation: fixed a bug in the reconciliation section that was not marking all associated transactions as reconciled.
  • Tax Reports: updated all reports for the 2017 tax year.
  • Tax Reports: formatted the zip code to include the hyphen if there are nine characters in the zip code field.
  • Taxes, INT: added a generation error if participation percentage is chosen and the participation percentage for the farm does not equal 100.
  • Taxes, INT: added a generation error if owner percentage is chosen and the ownership percentage for the farm does not equal 100.
  • Taxes, INT: added a generation error if an owner is marked inactive.
  • Taxes, INT: added a generation error if an owner that is tied to a farm is not marked as an owner on their contact record.
  • Database Update Tool: changed the way we backup the database files to increase speed.  We now simply copy the database file and give it an extension of .mgrbak rather than compressing the file.
  • Database Update Tool: removed the compact and repair from the backup database process.  It is now a separate utility in the database tools tab.
  • Database Update Tool: add a warning if the MSysCompactError table exists in the database and contains data.
  • Statement Reports: updated FilterData to look at the PrintValue field rather than the Amount field.
  • Inventory Reports: fixed a bug in the farm and farm manager total fields, and also added in the grand total amounts.
  • Reports: disable the copy report button if there is no report chosen.
  • About MGR Dialog: made the version label larger so that it is visible on higher DPI computers.
  • Database Audit: now clean up the fee table for case issues on the farm, firm farm, and exp farm fields.
  • Only show the menu items if the user has permissions.