MGR Version 3.0.3

Version: AgWare  MGR Version 3.0.3 – Release Notes
Release Date:  July 11, 2017
Database Version: 624
Download Link: Download Now

New Features

  • Added the Unreconciled Transactions Report to the main report section.
  • Added a Farm Overview report.

  • Added an option to export reports to PDF by group.

  • Added the ability to select a whole group at a time when reconciling transactions in the second step of the reconciliation wizard.

  • Added a mask to the Federal ID/SSN field on the contact record.

  • Added a read only Primary Farm field to the Farm tab in Edit Farms.

  • Added a Real Estate Tax Due field to the Edit Farms, Land Tab.

  • Added a User Accounts report.

  • Insurance Report: added an insurance type selector to the criteria screen.

  • Insurance Report: added an additional system report that is sorted by insurance type code.

  • Statements Setup: Revamped the Statement Setup section.

  • Statements by Primary Farm: Added Statement reports that include a summary page for the primary farm and detail page for the sub farm(s).

Resolved Issues

  • Reconciliation: transactions after the statement ending date no longer show up in the second step of the wizard.
  • Add New Farm: fixed a bug in the add new farm screen that would exception if the trust farm was left blank but the trust account in the master designated accounts section is completed.
  • Add New Farm: fixed a bug in add new farm that was not correctly setting the Interest Allocation GL account farm to the primary farm when creating a new sub-farm.
  • Farms and Owners/Operators Report: added a farm selector to the criteria screen.
  • Master Data Codes: changed the form caption from “Code Edit” to “Master Data Codes”.
  • Master Data Codes: reordered the tabs to be in alphabetical order.
  • Fixed all save dialog boxes to not error when the x is clicked.
  • Farm, Inventory: added two decimal places to the inventory beginning marketing units field.
  • Farm, Inventory: correctly scroll to the first record instead of the last.
  • Farm, Inventory: fixed a bug in the calculated units calculation.
  • Transactions: fixed a bug in the transaction edit screen that was not filtering the GL account selector to show the farm’s chart description instead of the master chart description when opening an existing transaction.
  • Transactions: now add an error if the inventory code is chosen, but no inventory type is selected.
  • Transactions: now add an error if the production code is chosen, but no production type is selected.
  • Maintain Posted Transactions: allow users to modify transactions outside of the current fiscal year.
  • Taxes, 1099 MISC: automatically uncheck the Print Form box if the total value in Box 7 is less than $600.