MGR Version 2.1.2

Version: AgWare MGR Version 2.1.2 – Release Notes
Release Date: December 21, 2016
Requires Database Version:
Download Link: Download Now

New Features

  • Added additional information fields to the Insurance tab in Farms.
  • Also added the new insurance fields to the Insurance report.
  • Split the Statement Reports into two sections: Statement Reports by Farm and Statement Reports by Owner.
  • Added a Production Year Report in Statements that allows the statement to be run by production year instead of fiscal year.
  • Added an additional category level, Sub Category Two Name.
  • Added an additional grouping option, Type,  in the Statements, Configuration, Add GL Accounts pop up window.
  • In Statements, Configuration, Line Items/GL Accounts, added an Import GL accounts button to the toolbar.
  • Added the View Report button to the toolbar in the Statements Configuration section to run the Configuration Report directly from Configuration.
  • Print the unused GL accounts at the end of the Statements Configuration report.
  • Added the ability to mark a farm as inactive.

Resolved Issues

  • Transaction Entry Screen: fixed a bug in the vendor popup (either add, edit, or find) that caused the screen to become read only.
  • Statements, Configuration, Add GL Accounts: the hide already selected accounts now hides those accounts that haven’t been saved yet as well.
  • Print Checks Wizard, Step Two: fixed a bug in the current amount calculation for the negative balances grid.
  • GL Summary by Account Report: set the page header to repeat on new page, and widened the total fields.
  • GL Summary by Enterprise Report: set the page header to repeat on new page.
  • Database Audit: extended to check prior year’s chart numbers, and to ensure vendor code and farm code are the correct case.