MGR Version 2.0.9

Version: AgWare MGR Version 2.0.9  – Release Notes
Release Date: November 17, 2016
Download Link: Download Now

New Features

  • Updated the left, MGR navigation menu to use a ‘hamburger’ button navigation style.
  • In the transaction entry screen, we combined the Inventory and Production input sections and made it and the operating unit section collapsible.
  • Created the inventory tab in the Farms.
  • Created the Inventory by Farm and Inventory by Farm Manager reports.
  • Added the ability for users to set up a company image in the Setup, Firm Data section.
  • Added the ability for users to attach their company image (from the Setup, Firm Data section) to reports and statements.
  • Added the option for users to attach existing GL accounts to a farm on the fly in the transaction entry screen.
  • Split the tax e-file generation process into two files – the INT and the MISC.  User’s can still generate both at once if desired.
  • Added the five year history fields to the Statements, Report section.  Also added additional system statement reports to show the five year history.

Resolved Issues

  • Farm, Land Tab: updated the CSR field label to Productivity Rating.
  • Maintain Posted Transaction Utility: formatted the debit and credit amount to currency.
  • Statement Reports: changed the date picker to allow full dates rather than month and year.
  • Transaction Entry Screen, Inventory: correctly filter the inventory location based on the entered production year, farm, and inventory code.
  • Transaction Entry Screen, Inventory: marketing price is now a calculated field; transaction amount divided by the marketing units equals the marketing price.
  • Transaction Entry Screen, Inventory: production price is now a calculated field; transaction amount divided by the production units equals the production price.
  • Transaction Entry Screen: fixed a bug that created an exception if the entered date was invalid.  We now correctly clear the date if it is invalid to be consistent with other program sections.
  • Taxes: Removed the 2015 Tax forms.
  • Taxes: fixed the correction process to correctly allow for one and two transaction corrections.
  • Reports: fixed a bug in the view report button that would not refresh reports if you opened multiple reports at a time.