MGR Version 1.7.2

Version: AgWare MGR 1.7.2 – Release Notes
Release Date: May 25, 2016
Download Link: Download Now

New Features

  • Added four new Transaction Journal system reports: Transaction Journal by Farm (No Chart Description), Transaction Journal by Farm (No Closing, No Chart Description, Transaction Journal by Manager (No Chart Description), and Transaction Journal by Manager (No Closing, No Chart Description).


  • Modified the Daily Balance Journal report criteria screen to select by farms instead of managers.
  • Add a validation error in Setup, Banking if there is no account type selected on the current bank account.
  • Added auto fee percentage and amounts to step three of the interest allocation wizard if the user chooses to generate management fees when running interest allocation.1_7_2_2


  • Improved the Copy Description to Farms utility to also allow users to copy the Description, Normal Balance, Statement Type, and Management Fee %.  Also, renamed the utility to “Copy Changes to Farms”.


  • Automatically create an archived PDF of the Reconciliation report when exiting the wizard.  There is an ArchivedReports folder in the same file location as the MGR database.
  • Automatically create an archived PDF of the Interest Allocation report when exiting the wizard.  There is an ArchivedReports folder in the same file location as the MGR database.
  • Added a confirmation window when trying to leave the Print Checks wizard before user is finished with the wizard.

Resolved Issues

  • Improved the Attach Bank Account to Farms feature in the Setup, Banking section:
    • Only show the farms that don’t currently have the selected bank account attached to them.
    • Only allow one checking account to be attached to a farm.
    • Added a check to ensure that the GL account for the selected bank account exists on the farm.
    • Improved the confirmation message at the end of the attachment process explaining that the account was successfully attached to the bank.
  • Clear the CheckPrompt value when users switch between Disbursement, Receipt, and General Journal transactions in the edit transaction window.
  • Improved the auto fee transaction error messages when attempting to save an auto fee transaction for a misconfigured farm.
  • Made the Enterprise, Account, and SubAccount fields read-only for existing GL accounts in the Setup, Master Chart of Accounts, Chart of Accounts tab.
  • Made the Enterprise code field read-only for existing enterprises in the Setup, Master Chart of Accounts, Enterprises tab.
  • Rearranged the group mode amount fields in the transaction entry screen to accommodate smaller monitors.


  • Widened the Vendor Name column title on the Reconciliation report for both the Receipts and Disbursements section.  It was currently only displaying “Vendor”.
  • Widened the report selector on the report tab of the report sections.
  • Moved the Create Check Format section from Transactions to Setup.
  • Adjusted the prior reconciliation dates to be blank instead of showing 12/31/1899 if they were zero.
  • Changed the “Offset Transaction Number” column title in the Transaction Journal report grid to be “Group Number”.
  • Fixed the Transaction Journal by Farm (No Closing Transactions) report to exclude the closing transaction dollar amount from the running balance.
  • Correctly skip over farms when the exclude negative daily balance option is checked.
  • Rearranged step three of the interest allocation wizard to accommodate smaller monitors.
  • Exclude the interest allocation transactions from the reconciliation section by setting their reconcile flag to “Y” when the batch of interest transactions are created.  We do leave the initial firm transaction as unreconciled so that the user can reconcile the initial firm interest transaction.
  • Interest Allocation wizard was incorrectly writing the disbursement main transaction as a type of 2 when it should have been a type of 1.