MGR Version 1.7.1

Version: AgWare MGR 1.7.1  – Release Notes
Release Date: April 12, 2016
Download Link: Download Now

New Features

  • Added Group by Statement Cycle option to Account Balance reports, GL Summary reports, Posted Transactions reports, and Transaction Journal reports.1_6_2_1
  • When check number is set to repeat in normal transaction mode, automatically increase the check number by one with each new transaction.
  • Added the chart description to the bank account GL account field.1_6_2_2
  • Added an option to attach a master chart of account to a farm(s) in the Setup section.1_7_1_1
  • Added a new option to all reports to reset page numbers based on the first group header of the report.1_6_2_4
  • Added Create Date to the default grid in the Posted Batches tab of Manage Batches.

Resolved Issues

  • Check register report in the reports section was showing offset transactions; now only shows the root check transaction.
  • Rearranged the Print Check window to accommodate smaller monitors.
  • Edit Farms, Chart of Accounts now correctly refreshes with each account added so that the user immediately sees it.
  • Require users to choose a check numbering option in step one of the Print Checks wizard.
  • In Setup, Master Chart of Accounts changed the new row functionality to the green plus add button to be consistent with other program sections.
  • Filtered the Edit Farms, Contacts Owner and Operator field drop downs to only show active contacts.
  • Updated the inventory fields to respect the decimals entered, rather than round to a whole number.
  • Inventory information wasn’t correctly being cleared from offset transactions.
  • Changed the page number report variables from Page# of TotalPages# to Page of TotalPages on the GL by Account, GL by Enterprise, Working Trans by Batch, and Working Trans by Farm reports so that the reset page numbering by group header would function properly.
  • Operating Unit was being trashed when posting a transaction; now correctly moves to the Trans.OperCode field when posted and back to the WkgTrans.OpUnit field when unposted.
  • Made user’s grid settings persistent in the Manage Batches tabs.
  • Correctly write the PeriodPost to the Trans table when posting a transaction.