MGR Version 1.5.4

Version: AgWare MGR 1.5.4  – Release Notes
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Download Link: Download Now


New Features

  • Added the Group Net dollar amount to group mode in edit transactions.
  • Added the Check Register report to the last step of the Print Checks wizard so that a user can run it directly from Print Checks, rather than having to go to Reports.
  • Added an option to the maintain posted transaction utility that allows the user to set the reconcile flag to Y or N manually.
  • Save user’s grid settings in the transaction editor group grid.

Resolved Issues

  • Added Transaction Type field to the Posted Transactions by General Ledger Account and Posted Transactions by Transaction Number reports.
  • Auto select the description when tabbing into the description field in the edit transaction window.
  • Correctly calculate the check amount, taking into account the negative debits and credits for group transactions.
  • Updated the Check Register report to use the new calculated amount field that would correctly show the negative debits and credits.
  • Updated the amount field calculations on the Check Voucher Detail report to account for the negative debits and credits.
  • Correctly calculate the number of unprinted checks, especially for group checks.
  • Moving away from Print Checks before the checks have loaded cause an error – this is now fixed.
  • When repeating negative debit or credit amount, it was getting “stuck” in the field when debit and credit were set to repeat and you hit save and new/continue.
  • Left padded the BankRoutingNumber and the Routing Number in the calculated MICR field in the check format dataset with zeros.
  • Fixed exception in the transaction editor group grid when you would double click on the current transaction.