February 22, 2016 Newsletter

This email is to let you know that a patch release is available on our website for download.  Please download this patch as it includes the following fixes and improvements in it:

  1. Updated group number calculations to avoid duplicate group numbering between AgWare and AccuFarm
  2. When you clear a farm on a designated account, the GL account codes and description now also clears
  3. Updated the GL Detail by Account, 1099-INT, and 1099-MISC reports’ PageSize to Letter so that it would correctly print.
  4. Added two new Transaction Journal system reports that exclude the closing transactions.
  5. Changed the “AgWare MGR Help” link to “Join Online Meeting” on the Welcome page.
  6. Updated the Criteria page in Create Check Format to contain the help documentation link.

Download AgWare MGR 1.5.2:  https://agmgr.com/downloads

We are currently working on Check Reconciliation and Interest Allocation.  Our next project will be the rewriting of Statement Definition Reports.