February 17, 2016 Newsletter


We are excited to let you know that Transactions and Check Printing are complete!  There are a few steps that you will need to do to get ready to start using these sections once you have downloaded the latest version.


  1. First Download AgWare MGR 1.5.1:  https://agmgr.com/downloads
  1. Attach your Farms to Bank accounts:  In AgWare MGR, we require that all Farms are associated with a bank account.  Why?  This will create a more accurate system for Farm balances during the transaction and check printing process, and will make check reconciliation an easy to use option.  To do this you first have to set up your bank accounts.  Then we have added an easy to use button that will attach the bank accounts to the farms.  Here is a link to the process:  https://agmgr.com/help/banking-setup/
  1. Adjust your Check Format:  The check printing process uses our new report structure of Fast Reports, so we will need to convert your check format to this new version.  Please email your current check format (It is a .ck file, and if you need assistance finding this file please call us.) to support@agmgr.com.  We will update your format, and then call you to set up a time to place it in the correct location on your computer.

Once you have completed these 2 steps you are ready to get started.  The links below are our guides to using Transactions and Check Printing.  I have also attached word document tutorials for both sections.  We are available at any time to walk you through the process via an online tutorial too.



We appreciate your business.  Please contact us at 605.791.4872 or email us at support@agmgr.com with any questions.