MGR Version 2.1.2

Version: AgWare MGR Version 2.1.2 – Release Notes
Release Date: December 21, 2016
Requires Database Version:
Download Link: Download Now

  • Added additional information fields to the Insurance tab in Farms.
  • Also added the new insurance fields to the Insurance report.
  • Split the Statement Reports into two sections: Statement Reports by Farm and Statement Reports by Owner.
  • Added a Production Year Report in Statements that allows the statement to be run by production year instead of fiscal year.
  • Added an additional category level, Sub Category Two Name.
  • Added an additional grouping option, Type,  in the Statements, Configuration, Add GL Accounts pop up window.
  • In Statements, Configuration, Line Items/GL Accounts, added an Import GL accounts button to the toolbar.
  • Added the View Report button to the toolbar in the Statements Configuration section to run the Configuration Report directly from Configuration.
  • Print the unused GL accounts at the end of the Statements Configuration report.
  • Added the ability to mark a farm as inactive.
  • Transaction Entry Screen: fixed a bug in the vendor popup (either add, edit, or find) that caused the screen to become read only.
  • Statements, Configuration, Add GL Accounts: the hide already selected accounts now hides those accounts that haven’t been saved yet as well.
  • Print Checks Wizard, Step Two: fixed a bug in the current amount calculation for the negative balances grid.
  • GL Summary by Account Report: set the page header to repeat on new page, and widened the total fields.
  • GL Summary by Enterprise Report: set the page header to repeat on new page.
  • Database Audit: extended to check prior year’s chart numbers, and to ensure vendor code and farm code are the correct case.

MGR Version 2.0.10

Version: AgWare MGR 2.0.10 – Release Notes
Release Date: December 2, 2016
Download Link: Download Now

  • Added the ability to run Statements by Owner2_1_0_1
  • Added two system Statements by Owner reports – Income Statement by Owner and Income Statement – Farm and Owner Percent2_1_0_22_1_0_3
  • Taxes: exclude closing transactions from the tax generation process.
  • Statements, Balance Sheet: updated the report to show the ending balances instead of the period balances.
  • Reports, Transaction Journal by Farm system reports : widened the amount fields to accommodate millions of dollars.
  • Farm and Owners/Operators Report: Added the Manager Code and Manager Name fields to the Operator’s report dataset (was already in the Owner’s) so that they can be seen in the grid and added to reports.