MGR Version 2.0.4

Version: AgWare MGR 2.0.4 – Release Notes
Release Date: September 26, 2016
Download Link: Download Now

  • Added a new system income statement: Income Statement – Period vs. YTD204_1
  • Added a pop up in the print checks wizard that warns users if they are trying to continue to step four but have yet to click the print button.204_2
  • Find Contacts: Added zip code as a searchable column.204_3
  • Check Printing: the written dollar amount now only contains an “and” between the dollars and cents.
  • Check Printing: The first check of the available checks grid on step one now has focus instead of the last check in the grid.
  • Contacts Report: suppress the blank address two line if there is no address two.
  • Reports: when exporting a report, if you try to save it and the file name already exists the program will prompt you if you want to override the existing file.
  • Farm, Contacts: adjusted the ownership percentage to look at two decimal places when adding the ownership percentages on a farm together.
  • Transactions: when in group mode, vendor will always be repeated.
  • Transactions: when moving from group mode to normal mode, if both repeat options are set items will be repeated from group to normal mode.
  • Farms, Accounts: fixed the error when adding a GL account to a farm; this was caused by AgWare changing the management fee percent to allow decimals.
  • Setup, Master Chart of Accounts: made the attach to GL accounts window smaller to better accommodate smaller monitors.

MGR Version 2.0.2

Version: AgWare MGR 2.0.2 – Release Notes
Release Date: September 12, 2016
Download Link: Download Now

  • Added the Maintain User Accounts program section under Setup, User Configuration.2
  • Added the Password Policy program section under Setup, User Configuration.3
  • Added the Farm Security Groups program section under Setup, User Configuration.4
  • Added a “Change Password” menu item under the Option menu.
  • Added a new Statements section that includes three items: configuration, configuration reports, and statements.Configuration
    Configuration Reports
  • Added a new Year End Close wizard and Closing Entry Report to the Yearly Tasks section.8
  • Added the insurance report program section to Reports.10
  • Taxes: Added the tax year to the generated .txt file name for easy identify the current tax year .txt file.
  • Taxes: Added the updated 2016 1099 MISC report.
  • Taxes: Added the updated 2016 1099 INT report.
  • Added a new Login Warnings screen that appears if there are database or user warnings to display after logging into MGR.
  • Reconciliation: added an edit option for the beginning balance on step two of the wizard.
  • Added a new database script feature to MGR that allows database changes to be made.
  • Added database creation options for new and trial users.
  • Reconciliation: Set the group column in the disbursements grid and receipts grid in step two of the reconciliation wizard to read only.
  • Create Check Format: Updated the checks dummy data to be more complete.
  • Farms, Contacts: Added the code field to the Owners tab and Operators tab.
  • Farms, Insurance: Changed the grid from a standard grid to a layout view grid.
  • Farms, Insurance: Added the contact buttons (add, edit, find) to the right of the agent field.
  • Auto Fees: We now handle auto fee account configuration errors on the farms, management fee tab.
  • Taxes: No longer automatically check the Print box for 1099 INT if the value in box 1 is less than $10.
  • Taxes: Removed the save button from the E-File screen.
  • Transactions: Fixed a bug in the posting engine where MGR was incorrectly setting the PeriodPost value if the transaction date was on the first of the month.
  • Transactions: Added validation to check interfarm configuration is correct when saving transactions.
  • Transactions: Fixed a bug in the unposted batches tab that allowed users to click the post button if no batch was selected.  MGR now automatically selects the first batch, and the post button is disabled if there is somehow no batch selected.
  • Renamed the Taxes main, left section to Yearly Tasks.
  • Bank Accounts: Improved the error messages when attaching a bank account to a farm fails.
  • Contacts: Extended the cell phone field to twenty characters.
  • Setup, Master GL Accounts: Changed the fee percentage field to allow decimals.
  • Custom Reports: Removed a bug that was creating a duplicate dataset in the custom query function.