September 6, 2015 Newsletter

We are excited that the Annual Users Meeting is only 12 days away! This newsletter contains the first of two downloads that we want you to have time to review before the meeting. This download contains our new contacts, and banking features along with new reports and fixed report items. The second download will be emailed out on Friday, September 11th. This download will contain portions of our Farm section for your review. Please download and open this latest version and let us know your thoughts on how the contacts, banks, and new reports are working.

AgWare MGR Version 1.3.0:


This is a new section that we added under the Setup Tab. When you click on the setup tab on the bottom left of the program, the setup section will open. You will see the following options to choose from. Click on Contacts and the new contacts screen will appear.

When the contact screen opens you can either use the dropdown bar to choose a contact or you can click on the Add New Contact button.

Once the contact is open you can see all the vital information on that contact and their Roles with each farm. The Contact’s Roles box will show whether they are an owner or an operator and all the farms they are involved with. You will be able to add contacts on the fly in the Transaction section (for Vendors) and in Farms Section (for Owners and Operators).


This new section is also under the Setup Tab. Choose Setup and then click on Banking and the Banking window will open.

Once the banking window is open you can also use the drop down to search for a certain bank or click on the Add New Bank button. Then the banking window will open.

Once the banking window is open you can add your bank information and then add accounts under the bank as needed. You can add the accounts to a specific Farms or leave it as a general pooled account. In the future you will be able to reconcile the bank accounts from this window also.


  • GL Summary Reports: GL by Account, GL by Enterprise, and GL Detail by Account are all fully functioning now.
  • Posted Transaction Reports: Transaction Summary report has been added to the program.
  • Net Cash Change: Net Cash Change by Farm and Net Cash Change by Trust have been added to the program. In the Net Cash Change by Trust, please check your Buy/Sell value and let us know if this item needs an adjustment.
  • Daily Balance Journal: Daily Balance Journal by Group, by Manager, and by Owner group are fully functioning now.

Report Customizations

In some cases, customers have let us know that their AccuFarm reports are different from what we included in our system.  If you are noticing this please let us know.  In most cases, those users were running customized versions of the standard System reports.  If this occurs for you, we can help create and install a custom report that matches your current report.  The system reports that we install with our system will match the AccuFarm defaults, but we fully expect that customers will need some modifications.  The way our installer works, future upgrades will not affect your custom reports but may update our system reports if changes or fixes are needed.

All of the included reports can be run against your current live database to test against your current reports. Please let us know if you need any assistance with this process.

Crystal Reports

Our original plan for customized Crystal Reports was to convert them to Fast Reports.  That has proven to be more difficult than imagined.  This version includes a Crystal Report Viewer.  We have not put a lot of time into this viewer, as it is a proof of concept intended to show that we could run your old customized Crystal Reports.  If this works and seems useful for you we will make the interface easier to use.  For example right now you need to browse and find a report each time you run it.  We would like to keep a list of your reports so you can just click and run.

The Crystal Report viewer requires that a crystal runtime be installed.  When you click on the menu option we check your system to see if the necessary software is installed.  If the runtime is missing there are links provided to the free runtime downloads.

The Crystal Reports runtime is free for viewers.  If you want to use the new Crystal Reports creator for creating or editing reports it must be purchased separately.  Our built in solution will continue to be Fast Reports.  We understand you may not want to leave behind your investment in Crystal.  This new viewer allows us to keep both options.

We appreciate your business and look forward to an eventful 2015. Please contact us at 605.787.7871 or email us at with any questions. Check out our website at for downloads, tutorials, and for help with install steps.