October 13, 2015 Newsletter

Thank you again for taking the time to attend our Annual Users Meeting. The input and ideas we get at this meeting are invaluable. We are excited to announce that the Farms section of our program is complete and ready to be used. Please download and open this latest version and let us know your thoughts on how the sections are working. Please remember that all these sections are working with the AccuTech system, so feel free to use them on a daily basis.

We have revamped our website at www.agmgr.com. Please check out our Help section for our manual on the Farms section. We are working on completing our other sections also.

AgWare MGR Version 1.3.1, Walk through:


This new section is located on the left side. Click on the Farms tab and it will open the Farm area.

When you open this section there will be two left side options, Farm Overview and Edit Farm. The program will first open to Farm Overview. You will need to choose a Farm. You can do this by typing in a Farm Code, using the Farm Code drop down, typing in a Farm, or using the Farm drop down.

When you choose a Farm the Overview will show you the activity in that Farm’s GL accounts. You can click on the + sign next to the Enterprise Code to get a monthly view.

The second option is Edit Farm. This is where you will add new farms and edit information about your existing farms. There are currently 8 tabs in the Edit Farm section.

The fist tab is the Farm tab. This tab holds the general information about the farm. It is also where you would go to change the Farm Code if needed.

The second tab is the Contacts tab. This is where the owners and operators information is stored. You can click on Owners and the hit the Add button to add an owner.

Once you add an owner box, you can choose the owner from the drop down list of your current owners, or you can click on the plus sign and add an owner on the fly. You can also click on the pencil and edit the owner contact information.

The operators tab has the same functionality.

The third tab is the Accounts tab. The accounts tab is comprised of 4 sections: Enterprise, Chart of Accounts, Designated Accounts, and Bank Accounts. These are the specific accounts associated with this farm. You will use the Add and Remove buttons to add items and remove items. These sections will not delete items, only remove the item from the farm as long as a transaction is not attached to it. Below we are showing the Enterprises section. This is where you will add and edit Enterprises associated to this Farm. Please be sure to add your General Enterprise on a new farm so you can see all your general GL accounts in Chart of Accounts.

The second section under Accounts is the Chart of Accounts. This is where you add and remove GL accounts for this farm. This is also where you can add management percentage fees to be automatically taken off of certain income transactions. Just click on the Fees button and enter the % and the GL accounts that you want management fees to be taken on. You can have different fee percent’s associated with different GL accounts.

The third section under Accounts is Designated Accounts. This is where you choose your offset accounts.

The fourth section in Accounts is Bank Accounts. This is where you will associate a certain bank account to a Farm. Please note that each Farm may only have one Bank Account Type associated to it, for example each farm may only have one checking account associated to it and that will be the account that checks are processed from.

The next Tab in Edit Farms is the Management tab. This is where you enter all the management and management fee information.

The 5th tab in Edit Farms is the Land Tab. This tab holds all the land, inspection, and market value information for the selected Farm.

The next tab in Edit Farm is the Insurance tab. Insurance due dates, cycles and agents can be added in this section.

The 7th tab in Edit Farm is the Communications tab. This is where you can come and add conversation notes with owners or operators.

The final tab in Edit Farms is the Custom Tab. This will show the custom fields that you have developed in the Setup Section of the program.

Edit Farms is also where you will enter a New Farm. To Add a New Farm, just click on the button.

A New Farm window will appear. Fill out the Farm Code, Name, Manager, and Ownership type and hit save. You will then need to go through all the Edit Farm tabs to set the new farm up. Be sure to be thorough on this initial set up, especially in the Accounts tab.

Contact Section Update:

Per a request at the User’s Meeting we have added a Find Contact button in the Contacts section.

The below find window will appear and you can search contacts via SSN, State, or any other means.

Download Link:

Please download this latest AgWare MGR version by clicking on this link and then choosing the red download now button:


We appreciate your business. Please contact us at 605.787.7871 or email us at support@agmgr.com with any questions. Check out our new website at www.agmgr.com for downloads, tutorials, and for help with install steps.