MGR Version 1.0.4

Version: AgWare MGR 1.0.4
Release Date: March 6, 2014

Our software installs are complete, self-contained installs. It does not matter what version you currently have installed. You can always download and upgrade directly to the most recent version from our website.

Until the AgWare MGR software contains all of the features found in AccuFarm-MGR you will be able to run both software programs with the same data. Both programs can also be running at the same time on your computer, with all information entered being saved into one database. New features will only be added to the AgWare MGR software. Once the new MGR program can replace all of the features in AccuFarm, we will discontinue support for the old program.

Release Notes for Version 1.0.4

Setup Section:

This Section had quite a bit of work done to it. First we added some Admin Tools to help us make sure all of your databases are running properly. Please click on Database Performance Test, then choose Start Performance Tests, it will process through your current database, and when it says Test Completed, please click on the Upload to AgWare button to send us the results. We would like all our users to run this test so we can make sure all the databases are running smoothly.

The upper section of Setup is your Firm Data.

These categories are already in the current system. This new layout will just make it easier to add and edit this information as needed.

Reports Section:

We have added 3 new reports to the reports section and enhanced the report criteria area. The new reports are Account Balance, Posted Transactions, and Unposted Transactions. The printed reports are not fully completed for Posted Transactions and Account Balance, but you can still search and view the data you want.

Farms Section:

We have also opened up the Farms Section of the program for you to view Chart Balances and GL Accounts per farm.

Please contact us at 605.791.4872 or email us at with any questions or for a walk through of the new sections. Check out our Help Tab for downloads, tutorials, and for help with install steps.