MGR Version 1.0.2

Version:  AgWare MGR 1.0.2
Release Date:  January 22, 2014

Our software installs are complete, self-contained installs.  It does not matter what version you currently have installed.  You can always download and upgrade directly to the most recent version from our website.

Until the AgWare MGR software contains all of the features found in AccuFarm-MGR you will be able to run both software programs with the same data.  Both programs can also be running at the same time on your computer, with all information entered being saved into one database.  New features will only be added to the AgWare MGR software.  Once the new MGR program can replace all of the features in AccuFarm, we will discontinue support for the old program.
Release Notes for Version 1.0.2

  • Improved Startup Speed
  • Added Welcome page
  • Added a Database Performance menu item.  This reports metrics on the current database for us to use when testing performance improvements
  • Added Database Maintenance menu item.  This will provide a way to run scripts against the database.
  • Added menu item with Open Source Notifications