MGR Version 1.0.1

Version: AgWare MGR 1.0.1
Release Date: January 9, 2014

Our software installs are complete, self-contained installs. It does not matter what version you currently have installed. You can always download and upgrade directly to the most recent version from our website.

Until the AgWare MGR software contains all of the features found in AccuFarm-MGR you will be able to run both software programs with the same data. Both programs can also be running at the same time on your computer, with all information entered being saved into one database. New features will only be added to the AgWare MGR software. Once the new MGR program can replace all of the features in AccuFarm, we will discontinue support for the old program.

Release Notes for Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 is the first public release of the new AgWare MGR software for Farm Manager Accounting. After installing there will be an icon added to your desktop and your start menu. The icon is titled “AgWare MGR” and is an orange, circle icon with dollar coins.

Opening the program will automatically connect you to the same database that AccuFarm-MGR is configured to use. The following login screen is shown at startup. The “User” and “Password” are the same user name and password that you are currently using.

This release contains the following areas.


Dashboard: The dashboard currently has limited information. We are looking for input on any data that would be helpful for you to see here.

GL Summary: This contains the General Ledger Summary Report by Account and the General Ledger Summary Report by Enterprise

Tax Reports: This will allow you to see your 1099 INT and 1099 MISC data and print off the 6 Tax reports.

  • 1099 INT – 2013
  • 1099 INT – Don’t Print Summary
  • 1099 INT – Print Summary
  • 1099 MISC – 2013
  • 1099 MISC – Don’t Print Summary
  • 1099 MISC – Print Summary

The Tax Report section also has a tab for generating the electronic file to submit to the IRS.

More information on Tax Reporting for the 2013 Tax year can be found on our help page 1099 Tax Information.

Custom Reports: Any custom Crystal Reports being used in the AccuFarm system can be converted to the new MGR’s internal report system called Fast Reports. Any custom reports you created will be shown and run from this window.


The first two setup sections are completed. This includes the Firm Data and all of the simple code lists contained in the software.

Firm Data

Master Data Codes

  • Account Type
  • Class Type
  • Group Type
  • Insurance Type
  • Investment Authority Type
  • Lease Type
  • Location Code
  • Office Code
  • Operating Unit Code
  • Outside Manger Code
  • Owner Group Code
  • Printer Location Code
  • Property Type
  • Relationship Manager Code
  • Territory Code

The Master Data Codes are the entry screen as well as the “System Code” reports. Using the “Grid Tools” menu all of the lists can either be printed or copied for pasting into Excel.